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Awards 2022

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The joint alumni association in CS of Bern, Neuchâtel, and Fribourg (JAACS) annually awards a prize for the best bachelor, master, and PhD thesis. The prizes 2022 go to the following students:

Best PhD Thesis

Pooja Rani: Assessing Comment Quality in Object-Oriented Languages.
Supervisor: Prof. Oscar Nierstrasz.

Best MSc Thesis

Timo Bürk: Blockchain consensus protocols based on stake.
Supervisor: Prof. Christian Cachin

Best BSc Thesis

Joel Hari: Development and evaluation of a low-cost, LoRa-based measurement device for microclimatic assessments in urban environments.
Supervisor: Prof. Torsten Braun

JAACS is Alumni Association of the three Computer Science Institutes and Departments of the Universities of Bern (INF), Neuchâtel (IIUN), and Fribourg (DIUF).

JAACS annually awards a prize for the best Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral theses.